Technical & scientific translations

Logos Hellas recruits the most skilled scientific translators that carry many years of experience in technical translation. Each translator is assigned texts that are relevant to his/her field of expertise and academic studies.

We are experts in the translation of:

Technical Texts:
instructions & maintenance manuals of cars, heavy vehicles, autobuses, specialized industrial vehicles, home & electronic appliances, cordless & mobile phones, personal computers, as well as electrical, engineering and electronic texts.

Scientific Texts:
pharmaceutical, medical, financial, legal, chemical texts, etc.


Software & Web Localization

A specialized and skilled team of translators is in charge of the software localization for various applications, the conversion into Greek of messages appearing on electronic appliances and machinery monitors, as well as the localization of web pages.


Trados: Translation Memories

Using the pioneer translation tool, Trados, we create company-specific translation memories that are used as exclusive term banks for the translation of your company’s texts. In this way we can ensure that the same terminology is used in all of your texts, coherence & cohesion is maintained, translation time is reduced and the cost is minimized, as the charging is based on the percentage of similarities between the new text and previous ones.


DTP and printing services

Logos Hellas is also the expert in DTP and printing. You, the client, can give us the text that you need to have translated in an electronic or printed form. We can perform the DTP of the text for you, as well as print it (digitally or Offset). Our cutting-edge PC and Mac DTP software can satisfy even the most demanding clients.


Online terminology management

The development of a web-based multilingual terminology management system, the integration of a large team of translators and sources from all over the world and the creation of a knowledge-sharing community, have given Logos the power to overcome language barriers and boundaries and provide direct access from anywhere to content in our mother tongue.

  • Quality
  • Speed & punctuality
  • Low prices


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