We create long term relationships based upon mutual respect. Thus we serve our translators, and by doing so, we best serve our clients.We maintain relationships through mutual awareness, empathy, honesty, humour and promises kept.We believe in interdependent companies and individuals sharing ideas and experience to create foreign language solutions synergistically.We seek excellence not perfection.We empower and are empowered to share experience and ideas openly; our strength comes from the power of shared creative energy.We are proactive.We maintain an ethos centred on balanced principles.We maintain integrity before profit.



A first mover in Europe's multilingual content management sector, Logos Group was incorporated in 1979 as a translation bureau serving local companies in and around Modena, Italy.Logos owes its success to a unique philosophy: to serve the traditional craft of the translator by pioneering technological innovation and harnessing the most advanced communications systems.Today Logos is a globalisation service solutions provider that has forged an inextricable link with the Internet. The Logos multilingual community-aggregating portal is a reflection of this philosophy and is the portal of choice for language exchange and translation. A forum for the global community as content increasingly moves to the Web.


1988 - Logos pioneers the creation of a centralised repository to preserve and propagate information. By harnessing and sharing this information freely the "collective memory" effectively transforms information into knowledge and makes knowledge an asset.

1995 - In an unprecedented move, Logos makes its repository available to the public free of charge on the Web. The "Living Dictionary" meets with instant success and grows into the world's largest on-line multilingual dictionary, consulted over 100,000 times daily.

"Wordtheque", the Group's universal electronic library is launched the same year. Containing 18,000 texts downloadable free of charge and available in 113 different languages, this comprehensive library offers a dynamic context search across a range of literary classics and technical corpora.

1997 - "Verba", a universal verb conjugator, is launched - yet another free service to the on-line language community.

1998 - Logos pioneers "The E-Translation store" - an on-line translation service that empowers users worldwide to procure quality human translation through the Internet. On-line quotations, delivery schedules, payment, and real-time status reporting guarantee seamless E-commerce in a multitude of languages.

1999 - Logos Group continues to consolidate its international production facilities, establishing partners and subsidiaries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North & South America. Today, the Group deploys a pool of over 3,000 translators, with production centres and offices in over 150 countries worldwide.

An archetype of technological and organisational innovation, Logos Group has pioneered multilingual knowledge management solutions to become a virtual company.
The development of a web-based multilingual knowledge management system, consolidation of a vast pool of translators and resources worldwide, and the creation of a community as a place of virtual learning and exchange, have empowered Logos to destroy language barriers and provide immediate access from anywhere to native language content, everywhere.



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